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Alternative Energy Solutions and Advantages of Wind Energy

Fossil fuels have been our source of fuel in the past, but it is now time to look forward helping to preserve a sustainable environment, planning for future generations using alternative power sources.  One of those power sources is wind power electricity.  We have been taking advantage of wind energy for many generations and now we have a modern day wind turbine which can be used on our homes.

Alternative energy solutions is about finding a balance between concerns for our planet and our unpredictable economy. A healthy environment is of utmost importance and we need to take steps so that we will still have it in the future. The flip side to that is watching our electricity bills continually increasing and it’s not always easy to pay each quarter.  Somewhere in there we need to do more than we are to keep our electricity bills down and looking after the environment at the same time.

Which leads us to the idea of installing our own wind turbine.

If you are serious about wanting to have a positive impact on our environment and using alternative power sources to harness the power of the wind, you can do so either purchasing or building own wind turbine.

1. Wind turbines have the capability of lowering electricity bills while preserving the environment.  Having someone install one for you or even installing a ready made one, will also be helping the environment.

2. Building your own wind turbine is another way of keeping the set up costs down.  Find a diy book with clear instructions, give yourself a few days and you can have your own wind turbine proudly displayed on the roof of your home, for a fraction of the price of a ready built one.

3. Consider your power needs, most likely one turbine won’t be enough to replace your power supply, but it will help reduce your overall bill.

4. Setting up a wind turbine will take investment of time and money. Work out how long you plan to stay in the home you are living in.  Keep in mind, having a wind turbine attached to your home adds to market value.

5. Check where you might put a wind turbine on your home or property, making sure it is in a spot that has enough consistent wind to make it workable and profitable.

These 5  tips are just a few things to keep in mind in making your decision whether or not to purchase or build your own wind turbine. It is important to do your research, work out your needs and priorities, and then make an informed decision.

GREEN ENERGY 101 is an ebook containing a wealth of information, explaining the different types of alternative energy and what systems are available to homeowners. After reading Green Energy 101, you will have a good understanding of alternative energy systems, their components, along with their advantages and disadvantages. GREEN ENERGY 101 is backing this with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase! What more could you ask for?

3 comments to Alternative Energy Solutions and Advantages of Wind Energy

  • Wind power defiantly has its advantages, but if you are in a location where the wind is not constant it will not do you much good. Do your homework before purchasing any equipment. It can be expensive!

  • Ian

    Good point. Wind power is only useful if you are in a good spot with lots of wind. Same for solar panels, they will only be of benefit if you have lots of sun. As in all things, doing your homework first is important.

  • Too Accurate , don’t fight it just learn from it. Effectively Delivered!

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