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Recycled Timber

Some people think that I am just a hoarder who stores junk, but the reality is that I am into recycling! We live in such a throw-away society, filling up land fill tips at an amazing rate, it is a pity that more people cannot grasp a vision for how they can recycle and not just rely on somebody else to do it. One thing that I am passionate about is recycling timber. It is unbelievable what just gets left on the kerb!

The challenge is to do something with it, which requires a bit of imagination, and an effective storage area. When you want to build something it is a lot easier to just go an buy what is required, rather than scrounge through a whole heap of stuff to find you just don’t have what you need! Been there, but I would like to share what I have been able to do, and every small step helps.

I can easily and cheaply buy kiln dried plantation pine, which is great for big building projects, but if I only want something small I can usually find something in my wood heap that will be much better! This is especially the case for my small wood turning projects.The piece shown was a discarded, broken chair leg, which became the centre piece for a toilet roll holder, yes I even left the dowel hole in the middle to prove that it was recycled. The base was an old piece of hardwood that I found under my parent’s house, which had probably been there thirty years.

The old red-gum fence post has probably been in use for 40 or 50 years before it found its way to my woodheap, but now it is a beautiful wooden bowl which will hold my pencils on my desk, while other pieces of the same post are now paperweights with old coins inlaid in the top. You are only limited by your imagination… and maybe your storage space… as well as the time to make something with all that stuff!