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Solar Energy Advantages

Like any other thinking person in the early 21st Century, I realise that it is not going to be governments that will take the lead in alternative energy but us ordinary citizens! We have the power to make a difference – the trouble is often working out where to start. This blog is in some respects just another phase of my journey to further that cause, and share what I am learning in the process. Governments and utility companies (particularly those producing energy from burning fossil fuels) have vested interests in maintaining status quo and are therefore reluctant to embrace change. However, they are at least now making some moves to begin investigating alternative energy solutions.

So, what are these “alternative energy solutions”? The most obvious is solar energy. To harness that alternative energy to produce electricity requires the use of solar panels which, when linked together, and fed into an inverter can provide power to run all your household needs… as long you have enough panels and the sun is shining! Since we live in a culture that requires power 24 hours per day, you will still need to be hooked up to the grid. But the good news is that many utility companies are now prepared to buy your excess power, to reduce your power bill or in some cases allow you to make a profit!

The fact is alternative energy solutions are not limited to just producing electricity from solar power. There are a whole range of other applications and variations on this theme which we will look at in subsequent posts.

I look forward to sharing with you the wonders and benefits of solar hot water, recent advances in wind turbines as well as some helpful hints on how to reduce energy consumption. There is a whole range of alternative energy solutions out there, we just have to find them and work out how to apply them to our situation.

The government is not going to do that for you, it is up to you and I to do our homework and encourage them to support it.

Will you join me in this crusade so that our children and grandchildren will reap the benefits.

For those who are interested in learning more, have a look at this ebook GREEN ENERGY 101.  It goes through different type of alternative energy systems and their components, and their advantages and disadvantages.  Take the time to become better informed by downloading and reading this ebook today.