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Do We Need Alternative Energy Solutions?

Five reasons why we need to use Alternative Energy.

Renewable energy is getting more and more publicity, but the reality is that even though there are many alternative energy advantages they are outweighed by one, the cost of installation! I admit it, I am one of those who wants to go for renewable, green energy solutions, but struggle to come up with the $3000 to $4000 required to install the solar panels.

But, the message I keep telling myself and anyone else who will listen is that Alternative Energy is the ONLY way to go! WHY? Here are five reasons:

  1. Environmental disasters such as the one suffered by BP in the Gulf of Mexico must not be allowed to happen. No amount of money can “fix” the damage, and while we continue to drill and pump oil from under the ocean this risk WILL continue.
  2. Oil, gas and coal supplies are non-renewable and they ARE running out. There will come a time when there is none left, so don’t wait till then to look for alternatives.
  3. As fossil fuels get harder to find and more costly to extract, their cost will rise, like any other scarce commodity. Beat the system, get in first.
  4. Pollution and production of green house gasses ARE causing great damage to our ecosystem. The major energy producers are among the worst offenders, and get away with it by saying that we (the average citizens) demand the energy!
  5. Alternatives do exist, we have the technology and as the demand for them increases then the price will drop, and everyone will benefit.

It appears that the power to change the way our modern world operates is in our hands, and when we are prepared to make some small sacrifices, starting by doing small things like install solar panels, only then we will have some credibility to voice our concerns about the major power companies. Get on board now before it is too late for our world.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I’m always looking for great information to share with clients and my coworkers, and this post is definitely worth sharing!

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