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How To Use Alternative Energy Solutions To Protect Our Environment?

Most people I know are concerned for our environment, looking for ways to preserve it for future generations as well as saving themselves some money in the process.  We need to be looking at alternative power sources, using clean, renewable energy.  There are several alternative energy solutions available and the advantages of wind energy seems to be fairly high on the list. Why?

1.  Dirty fossil fuels, like coal, need to be a thing of the past. It is time to move forward, thinking outside the box, to produce non harming wind power electricity.

2. Wind power electricity is an ongoing resource; as long as we have wind we can have wind electricity, there is NO short supply of wind. Some places are windier than others, so will be more of a benefit to those places.

3.  Wind energy is very clean.  There is no negative impact on the environment when using wind as an energy source.

4. If you able to follow instructions, then you can easily build your own wind turbine, harnessing the energy of the wind and saving even more money.

5. Having your own energy source during a blackout  is certainly an advantage of your own wind energy supply.

6. Another advantage of wind energy is to build yourself a small wind farm with the option of selling any surplus electricity you generate back to the utility companies.

7. While one wind turbine might not produce enough electricity to get you off the grid, it will have an impact on your electricity bills. And these days, every bit helps.

I found this great youtube video, which I found most interesting. Although you might not have one like this in your own backyard, it is worth watching, comparing different noises in everyday life. Hope you enjoy it also.

With the rising costs of electricity, it is important that we do all we can to balance the budget.  The environment is equally as important, preserving it for ourselves and for generations to come.

If you’re serious about learning more things you can do to protect our environment, download GREEN ENERGY 101, an excellent ebook giving informaton on different types of alternative energy systems and their components. It covers the concepts of solar and wind energy as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Recommended reading.

3 comments to How To Use Alternative Energy Solutions To Protect Our Environment?

  • Mostly I manage to recycle my rubbish sensibly but it is often dispiriting whenever I see what many countries are doing to this world!

  • Great to hear you are doing your part in caring for our environment. If people like you and I did nothing, then this would be a hopeless world in which we live. It is not easy being a leader in any field, this one is no different. Well done for being proactive, on the cutting edge, helping in preserving our environment for future generations.

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