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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Facts

In my discussion with a new group of people this week I was amazed by the fact that many of them wanted to be ecologically sensitive but just didn’t know where to start. They are now aware of the need to go green for the benefit of the planet, but thought it was too complicated and so fail to do anything. The fact is it is not all that complicated, the idea is to start small and build up to bigger things. Here are six things that we can all do:

1. Drive less! This week I was in a new city and I really enjoyed just walking around getting a feel for it – which was much better than just getting a quick glimpse through the windscreen. These days I try to walk (or cycle) as much as I can for all short trips, getting the benefit of the exercise and the reduction in fuel costs.
2. Reuse! My current passion is the need to reuse water bottles. They are a fairly new innovation that have quickly become essential! WRONG! They may be handy, but the cost and the fact that so many end up in landfill tips mean that they are bad for the environment.
3. Recycle! My next bug bear is grocery bags. I am old enough to remember before we had plastic bags, and walking to the shops with with our own shopping trolley on wheels. We cannot turn back the clock, and I can no longer walk to where we do our main shopping, but I now try to remember taking our own recyclable shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags are bad for the environment so choose not to use them.
4. Save water! as population expands so does our need for water, but we can no longer just build another dam. Therefore we all need to do all we can to conserve this precious resource. we now have our own tank to catch our rain water and we use our gray water from the washing machine to water our lawn and garden.
5. Insulate! Even modern houses are not well insulated, so adding insulation to the ceiling space and remembering to open and close your heavy insulated curtains can minimise heat loss in winter and keep you house cooler in summer. This will save you money on your heating and cooling bills and be better for the environment.
6. Generate! It is now getting easier to generate your own electricity, so consider whether it is now time to invest in solar panels for your roof, or install a solar water heater or build your own wind turbine. The energy you produce can then be fed back into the commercial grid and you can get paid for it.

It has never been easier to go green, so what are you going to do today to apply these suggestions to your life.

10 comments to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Facts

  • Building your own homemade solar water heater is easy. You can find a lot of manuals and guide online on how to build one. You will surely save a lot with your electricity bill. Cutting down your electric consumption to the minimum will save you a lot of money and spend it to other necessary things needed in the house.
    home made solar water heater

  • Carolyn

    Solar energy is the way to go, and building your own water heater will add to one’s savings.

  • sandy

    Thanks for the great post! If every family in the US just took three containers and recycle them, then people would keep 23 million pounds of material out of the landfill and into recycling. Everyone can make a difference here! Check this video out:

  • Carolyn

    If everyone did a little bit, overall we will make a BIG difference.

  • Wing

    There is a song about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle under :

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Reduce Reuse Recycle Your Things) – by Sold Out Lies

    You may want to check it out.

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for the tip, we also like the song from “Bob the Builder” on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. If we are going to make a difference we start teaching our children from a young age.

  • Hi Carolyn — thanks for visiting my site & your comment on our window shutters. You have a wealth of information here that I’m excited to review.
    I am starting a long project of making windows & am highly interested in the most energy-efficient methods possible.
    Thanks for a great site.
    Vanessa Dawne recently posted..Project 11 — Double Mosaic WindowsMy Profile

  • Good Morning Carolyn,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I am loving this review. We have to carry our recycling to Target, because we do not have a local recycling center/pick-up here in our town in AL. There should be more, there are so many useful things. Don’t know if you know, but Starbucks will give away free coffee grounds for garden beds. Very useful :o)

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  • […] Reducing, reusing and recycling is the responsibility of each one of us. It is our responsibility to leave this planet in the best shape we possibly can, for our children and their children. Our environment is one of the topics I like to share with others, that together we might make a difference. This entry was posted in News and Society by abdurehmannexus0502. Bookmark the permalink. […]

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