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Solar Energy Advantages and Global Footprints.

As the humanitarian emergency response to the floods in Pakistan takes shape, and with some of my friends from Australia involved, we can’t help but ask “Why are these things happening?”

The fact is, it is not just devastating floods in Pakistan, but a whole range of related natural disasters which also seem to be connected with uncharacteristically hot weather and fires in Russia, mudslides in China, melting ice shelf, increasing hurricanes an cyclones.  There are some who would link this to global warming, deforestation and the increasing levels of greenhouse gasses.

Yet the reality is that thousands have died, millions are displaced and threatened with a whole range of diseases as a result. Time is running out and now is the time to reassess our role in these disasters and seek alternative energy sources which will promote health and healing of our planet rather than continue to destroy it through indiscriminate use of dirty power sources based on carbon fuels.

3 comments to Solar Energy Advantages and Global Footprints.

  • Kimari

    solar power is definitely the way to go! I just wish more people would wake up and realise we are living on borrowed time!

  • Carolyn

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure it will happen eventually, let’s hope people realize before it’s too late.

  • Ian

    Surely some of the climate changes of the recent past should get people thinking and taking action. Great to hear that the UK is making progress.

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