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Solar Energy Facts

In my desire to be environmentally sensitive AND come up with an economically viable solution I needed to get all the Solar Energy facts. The quest is still continuing but here are a few that I have discovered:

  • Both solar power and wind power cost nothing, cause no pollution and release no green house gasses!
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to both, in terms of set up costs, but if you have time and a few skills consider DIY options!
  • Some places gets lots of sun, others get lots of wind – make sure your choice fits your climate!
  • Some utility companies will pay you for any excess power you supply back to the grid – others don’t!
  • Governments are now offering incentives for people to change to green alternatives – don’t keep putting it off these will disappear!
  • You may need to change the way your property is landscaped to get the most out of your solar panels or wind turbine – get rid of those big trees that stop the sun and wind!
  • In the decision between wind turbines and solar panels you may choose to get both to maximise your generating capacity.

In response to those solar energy facts, in my situation in Australia, where we have lots of sun, good winds and a government intent on building carbon credits to justify our big, coal fired electricity system, there are lots of advantages for taking the plunge and producing your own power!

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