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Ten Solar Energy Advantages

Everybody talks about being concerned for the environment, protecting the earth for our children and grandchildren, but sadly not many of us do anything about it! I too have had to struggle to find the balance between the cost of being eco-sensitive and the solar energy advantages. Twenty years ago when I first started down this track, we had four small children and a limited income and I had to make the painful decision that it was economically impossible to go green. That is no longer the case, it is now within reach for most of us, even those with growing families to choose solar power.

So, what are the solar energy advantages?  Here are ten that come to mind:

  1. The power from the sun costs nothing! There are no ongoing payments for solar energy. But to capture it requires solar panels.
  2. Solar panels are now much cheaper than they used to be, and last longer with most companies offering 25 year guarantees.
  3. At this point in time many governments are offering incentives for people to invest in solar panels and in my area paying for almost half the cost of supply and installation.
  4. The number of Solar panel installation companies are growing rapidly to meet this demand, and thus there is a lot of competition to provide the best deal – though there is a wide range of quality in the products available.
  5. The utility companies are now required to pay you for the excess energy you generate which can be fed back into the grid. This will allow you to drastically reduce your power bills and in some cases earn a profit.
  6. This in turn will reduce your carbon footprint and your reliance on electricity produced from fossil fuels.
  7. Production of hot water is one of the biggest costs on the monthly electricity bill, but installation of a solar hot water service will drastically reduce this.
  8. Many houses and offices are poorly designed and dark even during the  day. Consider installing skylights which would use solar power to provide light rather than electricity.
  9. Another advantage is to use solar energy (natural sunlight) to heat your house by opening the blinds during the day and then closing them at night.
  10. Solar energy is clean and produces no pollution or other toxic wastes.

Ten obvious solar energy advantages which make NOW the best time to put your good intentions into action. You might not get to reap all the benefits but your children will!

2 comments to Ten Solar Energy Advantages

  • The most important is how to use solar energy better.People need cheaper and clean energy.Who stop it to develop fast. We know it can do more thing than we looked.I am working a solar energy factory in China. If you use it ,must through factory-trader-nativetrader-distributor and you.In factory we made it must spend 2.3?/w.But i don’t know how much somebody buy it in us and euro.In fact the most expencive of systerm is cells,in China maybe just 10 company control the markets.

  • Great post!

    I strongly believe that going solar is the way you can save money and stay green at the same time.

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