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The Wind Mill Gives Way to the Solar Panel?

One of the icons of outback Australia is the wind mill. They turn up in most paddocks, they are simple and effective means of pumping up water from artesian bores to support thirsty stock, keeping thousands of sheep and cattle alive. These wind mills are cheap to run (you don’t have to pay for wind energy) easy to build, and are usually linked to a tank to make sure that when there is no wind the stock still have water. But there is one problem, when there is prolonged drought there is often a lack of wind as well! However, I recently saw an answer to this, a solar powered water pump! This might be the beginning of a new era for the Aussie bush.

The fact is, here in Australia we have lots of solar energy available, and as technology improves we will see many more applications for solar energy. Already we have seen major advances in the efficiency of panels and the ability of utility companies to pay feed in tariffs. Given the long distances between places, it makes good sense to generate power from the sun where it is needed and not have to erect endless systems of cables to deliver it from big power stations which operate by utilizing fossil fuels.

We may still have a long way to go, however this solar powered water pump shows there are now better alternatives available.  Alternative energy solutions are becoming more available and usable.  How are you going to be part of the changing environment and what part can you do to help protect the environment?  Now is the time to decide.

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