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What Are The Advantages of Wind Energy?

What Are The Advantages of Wind Energy?In the current financial climate people are even more interested in regaining their independence from the huge corporations who seem to have nothing better to do than keep putting up the price of electricity and gas.  Utility companies seem to be pretty close to the top of the list.  If you’ve ever wondered what the advantages of wind energy are and if you can get off grid by using alternative energy sources, then read on.

Everyone has probably heard about solar power and wind power, but the question is are they enough to generate all the electricity your home needs?  Well, that depends…

It depends on which you choose: solar, wind, or a combination of both.  For most people a few solar panels or one wind turbine won’t be enough to generate all the electricity you will need for your home use.

You could use a combination of solar and wind.  If you don’t want to do that your best bet would probably be focusing on wind power.   A small wind turbine will usually generate about 5 times what one solar panel will generate.  Of course, you have to take into consideration where you live among other factors.

Advantages of Wind Energy and Solar Energy Combined.The drawback for solar panels is that they can only work during the day, but they have proven to be very good at heating water.  A turbine, on the other hand, can work whenever there is wind, day or night which can then be utilised in a wide range of applications.

Solar hot water services have proved to be very dependable but are expensive to buy. However, you can build your own turbine in a week for a few hundred dollars with materials you can buy at the local hardware store.  These modern turbines can be mounted on your roof or in your yard depending on the best place to catch the wind.

If you really want to be as free as possible from your utility company your best bet would be to combine both solar and wind power and/or build several turbines if you have the space. Just keep in mind that one solar panel or one wind turbine won’t do it on it’s own, but it’s a good start.

If you are looking for an instant downloadable product, GREEN ENERGY 101 is an excellent ebook containing easy to understand information on different types of alternative energy systems that are available to homeowners. It goes through the advantages and disadvantages covering the basic concepts of solar and wind power. Highly recommended reading.

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