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Who Am I?

The older I get the more I believe that we live at a crucial time in history, and how we respond will have marked consequences for generations to come. I grew up in the late 50’s and sixties, yes another baby boomer, hearing stories of WW2, living under the threat of nuclear holocaust, the cold war, landing a man on the moon and demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. Against that background, environmental issues just didn’t get to the forefront of public or political consciousness! That was when I began a science degree majoring in Biochemistry and Microbiology and embarked on a career in hospital pathology.

This raised my awareness to a whole range of issues, particularly by seeing first hand the ravages of cancer, and then beginning to discern how environmental issues are often implicated. I was impacted by the statistics of the number of  children who died from easily preventable diseases, and how the gap between rich and poor in the world was widening, with the west gobbling up more and more of the world’s resources, at the expense of the other two thirds of the world! At this point in time the first steps were taken towards seeking some solar energy advantages, but it was a long, slow road. The fact is big business and big governments were more interested in other things. All round it was just not fair!

My journey then led me to Theological College, seeking spiritual answers to those questions, and after ordination I served in a range of church based ministries here in Australia. Part of that time was spent in a rural context, learning about working in tune with the land, sustainable land management, and how cropping for wheat, sheep and cattle breeding fitted in this context. I experienced the ravages of drought, floods and served as a member of the rural fire service, all the time seeking to discern the delicate interplay between man and the environment. I saw the benefits of wind power for pumping water, but nothing more.

My current role as a Chaplain with the Royal Australian Air Force has taken me to other countries and showed me other pictures of how man cooperates or  fights the environment, and I have seen first hand some of the wins and losses. On this website I will seek to share what I am learning and what I believe are the issues we need to face in order to be in tune with the environment. There are no easy answers, and it is only as we grapple in a holistic way that we may begin to see how we can change things, not in big swift moves by governments, but step by step as ordinary citizens. This will require reasoned scientific assessment of alternative energy solutions, investigation of solar power and wind power, better land and water management, and an understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual implications for the whole world. I hope you are prepared to embark on this journey with me to find Alternative Energy Solutions!

The fact is, we have responsibilities to God to be good stewards of the resources He has given us, to look after this world and not destroy it trying to make life easier for the privileged few!